When I set out on my career path, all I knew is that I wanted to ‘be creative’.

It took a little while for me to figure out what that might look like. In the end I decided I would study graphic design, which of course led me to where I am today.

What I discovered in the years that followed, is that the greatest form of creativity is not what you do for money or out of obligation, but what comes from the pure pleasure of self-expression.


Sometimes it’s the little things that create the biggest ripples.

I regularly get feedback from clients about the work I’m asked to do for them. But the work that I do is directed by them, an expression of their ideas, not mine.

My real passion is creative expression in it’s essence (yup, even more so than design), so I’ve recently turned my attention to expressing my ideas, experiences and thoughts through words and blogging.

Often we don’t know if our own words or actions are of service to others, that what we share is relevant or useful, or whether it’s expressed as a selfish desire to please ourselves. Not that it really matters. But it’s heartening when we see that act of self-expression inspiring others as well.


Self-expression is more than just words or actions, it can inspire and motivate others in ways we don’t always realise.

Take a look at this post by MumKayles and you’ll see what I mean.

The beauty of reading about how I inspired Kailie in her life, is that it creates a kind of chain reaction. By sharing my message through her own experience, and sharing this for herself, I’m sure she’s paying it forward and helping someone else… In fact I know she is also paying it back as well. I know this because her words have inspired me in return.


What about you?

Are you all about the sharing your ideas and experiences with the world, or do you hold yourself back from expressing yourself out of fear that your message is not ‘good enough’?

Sharing is caring, so I give you ‘permission to inspire’, by adding your thoughts in the comments below.


Psst… Emma Kempnich Creative is evolving!

If you’ve been following my page on Facebook, you might have seen that ‘change is coming…’ You may have also noticed that I’ve been blogging a little more and that my focus seems to be shifting. The changes are exciting and I can’t wait to share them you. But you are going to have to wait a moment, while the plans and ideas shift out of my imagination and morphs into the shape of a new website and a new offering.
All I can say for now, is if you’re a dreamer and a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a passion for work/life balance, I’m pretty sure you are going to love what’s coming!