About You

“Emma has a real knack for deeply connecting to your vision and bringing your brand to life.”

As a heart-centred professional…


You dream of a visual brand that lets you shine your light.

Your ideal brand communicates who you are and what you stand for, and presents as sophisticated and intriguing to your ideal customer. You desire a brand that is just like you, and just like your business: meaningful and profitable, yet light-hearted and fun.

You want your brand to be a platform from which you can show up to the world, standing tall, confident and proud; a platform from which you can project your voice, your work, and clearly communicate your message (without the need to shout).

A visual brand should tell your story, in a single glance.

You want your audience to see who you are, and know why you are there for them. You want them to know why they need to connect with you, work with you, or buy from you, without even hearing you say it in words.

Visual communication. It’s electric. It’s magnetic. It’s chemistry. You want people to just see your brand and they know that you are the one for them (it’s like love at first sight).

Visual branding and graphic design for heart-centred professionals

You’re looking for someone who makes you feel the same way as you want your clients to feel about you.

Your perfect designer comes with solid industry experience, she understands the philosophy, psychology and technology of brand design, while blending it with creativity and sensitivity.

Your ideal designer shares your passion for helping others, listens to your ideas and your vision. She can interpret your unique personality, your values and inspiration. Your perfect design partner collaborates with you to weave all of this into a gorgeous contemporary brand that completely and perfectly reflects the vibe of your business.


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