About Emma

“Emma provided a clean, fresh, vibrant look for my organisation.”

Hi! I’m Emma.


I’m a visual brand consultant, graphic designer, expressionist, and a multi-passionate creative.

I’ve worked in advertising and publishing, providing graphic design and visual branding services to a variety of small business for over 15 years. I’ve been operating my solo design business for 7 years, keeping up-to-date on latest design, branding and online trends along the way.

Don’t be fooled by my solid professional background – I’m also a sensitive soul who loves connecting with clients on a deeply personal level.

I like to delve into a client’s personality and discover the essence of their business, beyond the ‘professional’ facade. Really understanding my clients and how their business works helps me to create a truly unique brand that will reach deeper into the soul of their audience.

I work with heart-centred, socially conscious professionals, to help them get their work and their message out into the world.

My absolute favourite clients are those who respect the principles and process of creativity (even if they don’t always understand them), and who share my own philosophy that a successful business is one that is not focused on profit alone, but on creating profit through honesty, authenticity, interaction, and through being of genuine service to others.

My approach to branding and design is multi-faceted.

My style of work is experienced through a combination of left brain/right brain techniques: by combining strategy and skill with intuition and creativity. I begin my work based on a systematic approach, allowing it to unfold as an organic process in ways that may not be anticipated at the start the project.

Of course the design process could extend forever if we allow it, so it is always a balancing act that is accounted for in my services. Any creative diversions come strictly after I meet the client’s brief, and my services aim to reflect a balance between honouring both my process and the clients’ budget and time constraints.

In creating a complete and unique visual brand experience, it’s important to encourage all aspects of the design process, as it is most often through allowing the creative and intuitive side to take over, that the real ‘magic’ happens.


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