Visual branding and creativity for heart-centred professionals.

It’s important that your brand connects you with your customer in a way that’s both meaningful and authentic.

“I knew I was in good hands with Emma from the very beginning. She asked loads of questions, took the time to listen to my needs, and made me feel completely at ease.”

Jules Galloway – Naturopath


Visual branding and graphic design for heart-centred professionals

As a heart-centred professional…

You dream of a visual brand that lets you shine your light.

You want your brand to be a platform from which you can show up to the world, standing tall, confident and proud; a platform from which you can project your voice, your work, and clearly communicate your message (without the need to shout).

Your brand should communicate who you are and what you stand for. Your business is a reflection of you and your passions, and you want a brand that reflects what you do, in a way that is meaningful and profitable, yet light-hearted and fun.

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Hi! I’m Emma.


I’m a visual brand consultant, graphic designer, expressionist, and a multi-passionate creative.

I’ve worked in advertising and publishing, providing graphic design and visual branding services to a variety of small business for over 15 years. I’ve been operating my solo design business for 7 years, keeping up-to-date on latest design, branding and online trends along the way.

Don’t be fooled by my solid professional background – I’m also a sensitive soul who loves connecting with clients on a deeply personal level.

I like to delve into a client’s personality and discover the essence of their business, beyond the ‘professional’ facade. Really understanding my clients and how their business works helps me to create a truly unique brand that will reach deeper into the soul of their audience.

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